Hydraulic unit


Hydraulic units – Solutions for customers

Otto-Hydraulics GmbH offers hydraulic units for the entire application area of hydraulics. Our offer includes everything from a modifiable compact unit to individualised hydraulic units with conventional structure to custom-made products which we develop and design ourselves for specific customer applications. In addition, we offer hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic components, hydraulic pumps and accessories and spare parts, such as current dividers or pressure control valves for diverse application areas.

Compact units of the BF series

Due to their low overall height, our compact units of the BF series are suited for confined installation spaces (e.g. in lifting tables). Further hydraulic circuits are possible beyond the customary lifting-lowering module as standard application for the lifting devices. BF compact units can be installed horizontally as well as vertically, but are designed for intermittent operation; continuous operation is only possible with reduced power. Like our hydraulic units from the ZPU series, our BF compact units are commended, among other things, for application in lifting devices, for handling systems and tool machines.

Compact units of the ZPU series

The appeal of the ZPU20 and ZPU30 compact unit series is their increased power density and a multi-functional supporting plate for control elements and components. For that reason the ZPU hydraulic unit is well suited for use in workshop technology for lifting tables, car lifts, stroke roofs, supports and testing equipment. It is also possible to use it in tool machines as clamping pressure supply. The ZPU20 is available with 0.75 kW. The compact units of our ZPU30 series offer even more power (3 kW/1.5 kW)

Compact unit for mobile hydraulics

Our compact units (DC) He1 and He2 are developments with differing performance ranges and variable steel or plastic tanks, as are chiefly installed in mobile hydraulics.

Standard units with individual control system

Our conventional hydraulic units are a compromise between standard units and custom-made products: whereas the tank is standardised, the control system can be adapted to different applications according to customer requirements.

Optimised custom-made products

We develop hydraulic units as custom-made product in close cooperation with our customers – the only way to achieve perfect results. Not only is it possible to develop and produce individual units, but the model, dimensions and functional elements also can be optimised to the customer’s application.

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