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Individual solutions

The great diversity of application possibilities for oil-hydraulic systems also means the requirements for their design and structure are just as special. Standardised catalogue goods quickly reach their limits here.

Otto Hydraulics devotes time to you and your project. Tell us what the hydraulic system needs to do and we will advise you in order to develop a needs-based solution.

We would be pleased to modify a unit from our catalogues or even develop a completely new solution for you. At any rate you will receive a customised design completely according to your needs.

<p>Limited to the minimum – no<br />
compromises in quality</p>

Limited to the minimum – no
compromises in quality

One of our important principles here is that we always design the system and calculate the offer from the bottom up in terms of energy efficiency and your budget. This ensures you receive an optimal price-performance ratio.

Our customers remain loyal to us despite - or perhaps even because of - this minimalistic approach. Units from Otto Hydraulics are economical, rugged and long-lasting.

<p>(Nearly) endless<br />

(Nearly) endless

The size of the hydraulic systems is completely oriented towards your requirements and specifications. Basically nearly everything is possible between 0.18kW to 110kW power and tank volumes up to 1,000 L. We would be happy to face even greater challenges!

We have extensive experience in special solutions and applications beyond the conventional structure of a hydraulic system. The areas of applications of the solutions we manufacture are so diverse that we cannot list them all here. And so we invite you to make your own picture of our references:

<p>Free choice of<br />

Free choice of

The choice of components and suppliers determines the quality, price and delivery times of our products. Thanks to the many years we have been on the market, our extensive experience and continuous screening of our suppliers as well as the innovations on the market, we are always quick to respond and remain reasonably priced.

We naturally plan specified manufacturers and components in your systems. Our comprehensive supplier network offers us access to all prestigious manufacturers of hydraulic components.