Pressure with enthusiasm.
A message. An attitude. A promise.

If the company OTTO Hydraulics were to be characterised in a succinct and striking manner, three essential cores would quickly emerge:

  • OTTO Hydraulics is a company which does not serve anonymous markets but individual customers instead.
  • OTTO Hydraulics is a company distinguished by flexibility.
  • OTTO Hydraulics is a family-owned business. With all that goes with it (and beyond).
On the topic of “Individuality”

We generate part of our sales with the manufacture of special hydraulic systems that are developed according to individual customer specifications. Ranked first is the close and personal collaboration with our customers as well as the competent but above all needs-based advice. Because fairness, transparency and perceptiveness are decisive prerequisites for us for trust, satisfaction and enthusiasm.

On the topic of “Flexibility”

Our customers especially appreciate our great flexibility. Of course, this primarily concerns rapid offer preparation and short-term delivery dates. But what makes us stand out the most is our unbureaucratic action, “whenever things get critical” or products need to be manufactured in the shortest possible time, and spare parts need to be delivered immediately. For us, solving problems comes first – whatever we can do for our customers, we will do it. Another point is that brand loyalty is unknown to us and systems can be set up entirely according to customer request and need.

On the topic of “Family”

The familiar aspect plays an important role for a company whose ideal and material substances will be passed on to the next generation, which also leaves it mark on the relationship to customers and employees. Understanding, nearness, ability to listen, partnership and loyalty: these are our traditional values and guarantee our success. It is not without reason that Otto Hydraulics has a permanent and highly motivated employee base that fully back the company, identify themselves with it and feel responsible.